Attractive Online Marketers are lead magnets with customers running to buy!!

Most people join a company to make money because they are tired of the rat race, not having enough work/life balance, or just want an additional income. So being excited and new you do what you see most people do; which is jump into Facebook groups and splatter your company products and links all over the place. When you do that you become unattractive and people become repelled to your message. icky

Facebook is a social network so although people regularly purchase items on Facebook, they come for the social element.  When you brand your company and not yourself you look like everyone else. You are your Brand, so build an audience, engage your audience, then sell to your audience!

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Activate People to You 

Take a serious look at your facebook profile, would  you want to be friends with you? Clean up your wall and delete the spam posts. Make sure your profile picture is a friendly picture of just you with a nice cover photo. Next post great content for the first 3-4 days do about 10 posts nothing but Rockstar Value. Rockstar Value posts are a mixture of posts that teach your target market, motivational quotes, make videos to show people who you are.

Make friends with people have conversations without trying to sell them anything. Building relationships creates the know like and trust factor that makes people want to buy from you.  If you get 50 people to take a look at your value at least 4-5 of them become buyers. You have virtuous value. You have knowledge that someone needs to learn. Don't decide for people what changes they are  seeking. In the same way you learn from someone you view as knowledgeable is the exact way someone seeks to learn from you. Become Relentless with inviting people to your value for a minimum of 90 days. The key to success is to take imperfect actions on a daily basis working your business into daily activities. Capitalize your free time by creating content or shooting multiple videos per day so you have it for days where time is tight.

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Until next time,

I wish you laser focused emphasis on your Super-Power


Shatieya Tanay 


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