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I’m Shatieya Tanay and excited to connect with you!

I’ve always enjoyed doing things that help others, but I never imagined being in a position to help people change the course of life. My life started similar to most people working a job that made me feel underappreciated, overworked, and underpaid. I worked as a salaried retail store manager.  Having a job is a blessing because it’s income, but I worked more hours to pay fewer bills. Long hours working multiple shifts took me away from my kids for what seemed like days at a time. My life made no sense, was the work I did for a check really worth missing quality time with my kids?

Fueled by desperation,  I started to explore the internet praying for a real work life balance.  I wasn't going to allow life to continue on the same path. I felt guilty being at work unavailable when my kids needed me most. I felt it in my spirit that a better way existed so I was bold enough to ask the universe to push it toward me.

My mentality told me I could find my dream job, work my own hours, and get paid. I evaluated call center jobs, data entry, technical support, surveys, and even the popular stuff envelope thing. I couldn’t subscribe to someone telling me when I could go to lunch when I could clearly see my fridge or take a break in my own home. That sounded worse than the job I was determined to escape.

I tried a few things that didn’t work, wasted money purchasing leads, branding companies, and spamming my links in groups on facebook, chasing friends and family to join me in business.
Finally I got educated on how the professionals get real results. It is your birth right to have the life you want in your heart.  I’m dedicated to sharing value I've learned during my journey. Building Tomorrows Leaders Today by Connecting your Dreams to Reality

Let’s Lauch your brand of Greatness…

Shatieya Tanay



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