Have you ever got focused on a goal with passion, action, and unlimited tenacity, but instead of building momentum you hit the wall because overwhelm killed your vibe? Overwhelm comes in like a storm trying to drown your dreams. The majority of people retreat because you don't want to fight the storm. You feel bombarded with negative woo is me” thoughts. Your action goes from relentless to disappointed leading to depression.


Of course we know that any thoughts you nourish flourish but disappointment city entices us with our favorite things. Disappointment city has our favorite shows via Netflix's, Hulu, on demand, Ice-cream by the buckets, and food by delivery. It even makes you think time pauses. It's the vent until you doze off and a break from adulthood.

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So use these 5 tips to Kill Overwhelm  Kill

  1. Personal development- The words of people who have already survived your current phase in business is a powerful tool to enhance your mindset. Personal development is the secret weapon that pushes you and controls what you do with all the tools that surround you. Personal development leads to you understanding your journey and it inspires you to craft and react to your purpose. You were born with greatness and that comes with the responsibility of learning how to impact others. Personal development is the key that makes you think bigger, it feeds your mind that allows you to become better. grateful
  2. Write a list of gratitude- You can't be truly grateful and depressed at the same time. Gratitude releases negative non affirming grips on your mind. The universe never gives you more to be ungrateful about. Vision
  3. Sit with your vision- Having a vision allows you to see what you truly want. When you meditate with your vision you start to feel it and become inspired to get to work. You get up a better person by spending quality time with your vision. Your vision is your armor while you stretch, grow, and operate at your potential.
  4. Learn- Learn a new skill set. Learning is the best way to vanquish the feeling of I am not enough. Once you learn the skill teach it to someone else. Make a video, blog, post, or status update sharing the information. While you are sharing share some content that belongs to someone else. leadership
  5. Leverage Leadership Relationships- Leaders provide valuable nuggets, resources, tips, and strategies to help you build yourself the easy way. They make you see the light at the end of the tunnel even when you can't see it for yourself. It's important to be connected with powerful energy that will get you where you want to go. If you would like to build home court advantage in your business where people come to you instead of you chasing them, check out this video http://ShatieyaTanay.bizbuildermastery.co/

Les Brown said as long as you are living it's not over until you win. Overwhelm can put a door in your path to slow you down testing your ambition to see if you are going to defend your position or back down. Take a deep breath and take the hinges off that mental roadblock and keep going. Now that you know the steps to kill overwhelm execute, reset if necessary, but keep evolving to create a better future.

Until next time, I wish you affirmation that you are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.

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