Effective Marketing will harvest in the form of loyal customers and continuous cash flow.

What would it feel like to constantly get leads that know, love/like and trust you so they buy whatever you put in front of them? Let's talk lead generation, building relationships, and closing the deal after all these are the only things we do in business. Welcome to the 4 C's to effective marketing taught by the Queen of Internet Marketing Diane Hochman.


  1. Collect When we collect people we get them to notice us and get eyeballs on what we represent or offer. This is our “Hey look at me moment”. There are tons of ways to get noticed such as youtube, facebook lives, classified ads, Facebook groups, and social media. The method you will do consistently is the best method for you.
  2. Capture- You exchange your value for people's contact information. It is importantly to build a list that you control so that you can email frequently. Some people use lists on facebook. 

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  1. Communication- The importance of list building is so that you can use permission marketing to communicate 365 days with your list. Your method of communication can be text, videos, or email communication
  2. Close- Is your plan to get them in front of your sales page or opportunity so they can purchase/join when they are ready.Close Sale

There are some things we do that can fall into other categories but the foundation of what we do in business are the 4C's. One of the most important things I've learned is the difference between Networking and Prospecting. When I was new to the industry I was taught that everyone needed what I had to offer. So I looked at everyone as a prospect. The conflict in that is you can't solve a problem that goes unidentified. By not understanding who my target market was I wasted time talking to everyone which equaled talking to no one. The best example of this I've heard is  I was selling steaks to vegans. That is never going to work. So it is very important to understand who your target market is. Not everyone you meet/know is a prospect, but they know at least one person who is.

Networking is meeting people who have the same interest that you do. Networking is to make friends like we did in elementary school. You will learn a ton from people just by networking.

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